Heidrun Ziche


An international business woman with years of experience in leadership of a large organization, Heidrun unlocks individual and organizational growth to ensure sustainable professional success.  She shares her broad business experience and unique combination of interpersonal and professional skills to help executives move to the next level and achieve more than they thought possible.

Her coaching style is vastly unique as it integrates cutting edge sports science, neuroscience, and fundamental principles of both training and winning, with what is needed in the business world today for

Leadership, Executives, Teams, Clients, Culture, and Processes

Heidrun is a respected leader, consultant, speaker, and trainer in the areas of leadership, communication, team management, productivity, and performance.

Heidrun provides coaching services, delivers seminars and workshops, and facilitates retreats for corporations, business associations, conferences, and diverse groups in the private, public, and social sectors.  

Leadership development, retaining talent, communication training, business relationships, executive presence, personal growth, and mindfulness, are some of the areas Heidrun helps her clients with.

Heidrun is invested in her clients’ success.  Her goal is for her clients to achieve all of theirs. Her mission is to inspire executives and teams to be better than they thought possible. She is a disruptor in corporate America.


Heidrun’s clients include

  • Medium sized and large businesses,
  • Top executives and business leaders, and
  • Upper level management.

Heidrun’s clients are looking for a tailored but holistic approach that goes beyond traditional coaching and training programs. They are looking for someone who has not only the psychological background of a coach, but also understands the clients’ needs based on first-hand leadership experience. 

Heidrun’s clients want to

  • Improve Performance
  • Increase Success
  • Boost Productivity

Professional Services Offered


  • Leadership, Executives

You are successful today and you want to continue to score high in the future. You recognize that, in order to continue to lead at your best, both you and your team need to grow with the changes that happen around you.  

Are you aware of the behaviors and skills you need to sharpen to effectively prepare yourself for the future, and help others do the same? 

Heidrun applies best proven practices and methodologies in leadership development and team coaching to help her clients identify and build upon their strengths, utilize their growth opportunities, and make those personal shifts that are key to supporting their effectiveness as they lead others.

To accommodate your needs and preferences, Heidrun offers personal coaching, group coaching and training, VIP days, and retreats.

  • Teams and Team Management

A team's ability to work well together and achieve the desired results is critical to your success. In order to play at a high level, teams need to continuously perform and score high. Excellent teams may reach higher than you ever thought possible. Inefficiencies and fatigue however impact team performance and may interfere with your goals, 

How can you set your teams up for success and support your company goals? 

Heidrun helps her clients build winning teams and implement strategies that allow their teams perform at the highest level. Using a blend of consulting, group coaching, and individual coaching, she applies a holistic approach that promotes long-term success for her clients. 


Are you aware of the impact leadership has in your company? Leadership is critical for your success, not only for top level management, but at all levels of your business. 

Heidrun applies a holistic approach that allows her clients to maximize their training effect long term. Her trainings are highly interactive and, in addition to workshops and seminars, Heidrun provides coaching support, helping her clients implement the learning through practical application. 

This highly effective training method will best support the professional development of your company, strengthen your leadership, and take your teams to the next level with long term success. 

Top 10 requested topics

  • How to Win and Retain Top Talent
  • How to Develop your Best Players into TOP Leaders and keep them Scoring Goals for You
  • The Power of Great Communication
  • Diversity in Action - How to Successfully Build and Maintain a Diverse Workforce
  • How to Build, Grow, and Manage Winning Teams
  • How to Break Records like World-Class Athletes do
  • TOP Leadership - What it means and how to get there
  • Flexibility Training for Successful Leaders
  • Leadership Training for Accountants and Engineers
  • Successful On-boarding and Then What? 


Heidrun is a respected leader, consultant, speaker, and trainer in the areas of leadership, communication, team management, productivity, and performance.  Heidrun delivers seminars and workshops, and facilitates retreats for corporations, business associations, conferences, and diverse groups in the private, public, and social sectors.  

An international business woman with years of experience in leadership of a large organization, Heidrun unlocks individual and organizational growth to ensure sustainable professional success.  She shares her broad business experience and unique combination of interpersonal and professional skills to help others achieve more than they thought possible.

Heidrun specializes in communication and negotiation, has gone through extensive trainings, and has tested and practiced her skills successfully for more than a decade and with people from all generations.

Heidrun lived and worked in three continents.  She also worked with people in almost every single country in the world. Besides being an attorney, economist, mediator, and certified coach, Heidrun is also a competitive athlete and frequently climbs the podium in running and triathlon events. 

With shared experiences, stories, and real-world examples, Heidrun will inspire, inform, and expertly guide you, your team, and your organization, to overcome challenges and lead to higher levels in your life and business.

Projects / Case Studies / Results


Client: Senior Executive, Marketing and Design
Issue: Client was unsatisfied with his situation; work was unfulfilling
Result: Through coaching client was able to find his true calling and successfully make a career change.

Client: Senior Executive, Accounting & Financial Services
Issue: Client needed help creating a sustainable work situation after burnout
Result: Through coaching client was able to identify and express his needs, fears, and passion, learned to practice mindfulness, and transformed his work situation in a way that allowed balance in his life. Ongoing coaching helped client implement changes successfully.

Client: Retired Senior Executive, Real Estate
Issue: Client needed help in transitioning from a busy work life into retirement
Result: Through coaching client was able to identify her passions and find activities that created fulfillment in her retirement. At the same time client was able to identify her fears and find ways to overcome her anxiety.

What Clients Can Expect

“I truly admire Heidrun’s tenacity, integrity, and professionalism. She is committed to seeing things all the way through. She does the right thing every time!” 

(Sheryl Roush, CEO, Sparkle Presentations, Inc., USA)


"I have known Heidrun for the last 7 years; I worked with her on complex tax issues at one of the big four accounting firms. Heidrun worked with her clients to resolve government related tax issues to the satisfaction of the clients. She made practical decisions that benefitted the client and led her team to success. Heidrun displayed many skills and is highly motivated in business, athletics, and the pursuit of happiness. She clearly demonstrated leadership skills with me, her clients, and her team.

Heidrun is an outstanding teacher and she can help you in developing leadership skills that will drive your business or personal goals to new levels. While working in the accounting industry, both government and business sectors, I have seen few true leaders who can help you develop high skills and goals for yourself and your business. Heidrun is one of those “true leaders."

(Anthony Russo - Tax Specialist (Managing Director) and Artist)


"I chose Heidrun because she is a high achiever and an ongoing inspiration and a source of motivation to all those around her. She is exemplary in her own life’s pursuits and represents herself as a model of positivity and happiness. Heidrun helped me reach my goals!"

(Dympna D., Health Industry and Author, Ireland)


"I chose Heidrun / TOP Leadership Coaching because of her directness, her leading by example, and her terrific listening skills. Working with Heidrun is just lovely – she is warm, direct, and a great listener.

What I liked most about working with Heidrun is her directness and intelligence. She kept the sessions flowing with breaking down mini-steps for me to focus on and achieve success. 

I’d recommend Heidrun for all the above reasons. She is a warm, bright professional. She will give you all of her focus in your sessions to achieve the goals you have. Anyone who is sincerely interested in positive changes could benefit from joining a coaching program with Heidrun / TOP Leadership Coaching."

(Judy W., Commercial Real Estate, USA)


"Having someone like Heidrun who holds me accountable and is primarily my advocate is priceless!  Anyone interested in forward progress could benefit from joining a coaching program with TOP Leadership Coaching! "

(Maggie R, Biotech Industry, USA)


"I would recommend Heidrun as a coach to anybody. She has an unusual quality of being both clear, structured, and firm, and yet at the same time incredibly nonjudgmental, accepting, and flexible. That combination of things in a person is extraordinarily rare. 

If someone has something they want to work on, Heidrun would be really great to get them where they want to go, quickly and in a way that was widening of what their perspective was."

(Sarah M., Retail Industry, USA)

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

  • Attorney-at-law
  • Advanced degree in Economics
  • Postgraduate studies in Communication, Negotiation, and Mediation
  • Certified Psychological and Spiritual Life Coach
  • Certified Mindful Change Coach
  • Competitive Athlete (marathon, triathlon)

Honors / Awards

In 2014 the National Association of Professional Women inducted Heidrun into their VIP Woman of the Year Circle for excellence, leadership, and commitment to her profession, while encouraging the achievement of Professional Women.

As an athlete Heidrun has achieved numerous awards, including NYC local elite status for marathon and half marathon (2014, 2015), 1st and 2nd place in her division in triathlons in San Diego (2018, 2019), and 1st place overall at the Challenged Athletes San Diego Triathlon Challenge (2018).

Affiliations / Organizations

NAPW – National Association of Professional Women
SDPCA – San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (Treasurer)

Additional Languages

English - fluent, C2
German - native speaker


Heidrun is an international tax attorney, originally from Germany, with both a Law degree and an advanced degree in Economics.  Over the past 17 years she has continued her education and experience to also become a mediator with special communication and negotiation skills, a certified psychological and spiritual life coach, and a certified Mindful Change Coach.  She is also a competitive athlete, training and participating in marathon and triathlon events, and has made a conscious commitment to health and nutrition.

Her career journey has taken her from a German law firm in the field of Banking and Capital Markets to Adelaide, South Australia, following ESCOSA’s request to offer her expertise on the liberalization of the South Australian energy market.  Back in Germany Heidrun settled into a career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, first in Mergers and Acquisitions in Frankfurt, Germany and then in New York City as a Director in International Tax serving the Financial Services Industry.  From New York City she moved to San Diego, following her true calling as Executive Coach and Business Consultant.   

During her career, Heidrun has managed projects that included up to 223 countries and tax regions with tight deadlines.  She also was responsible for the roll-out and implementation of PwC’s new brand and culture nationwide within Tax M&A Germany.  In addition, she conducted a number of technical trainings at PwC, both XLoS and for her own department.

Heidrun is an expert in leadership, communication, business relationship matters, team and project management, time management, decision-making, as well as corporate culture changes, diversity, and mindfulness.  Through her work Heidrun helps executives perform at the highest level, and teams to be more successful. 

Her clients call her an inspiration and role model.  “She’s walking her talk.  She’s teaching what she herself has proven to be true by practicing it in her own work in the corporate world and with her clients.” And “She is doing the right thing all the time.”

Heidrun is the author of TOP Leaders’ Adventure Stories, a series of short stories in which she provides leadership advice that is tied in to true athletic adventure stories.  In 2018 she taught a class about Leadership, Project Management, and Team Management at DeVry University in San Diego.

Heidrun also likes to give back to the community. She is the Treasurer of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA). Further, she supports the Challenged Athletes Foundation in San Diego and the Swim Strong Foundation in New York City.  Besides her work, training, and volunteer activities, Heidrun enjoys being in nature, spending time with friends and family, and painting. 

Contact Me

Email: heidrun@topleadersnow.com 

Phone: (646) 420 8566

Website(s): www.topleadersnow.com 

Calendar: heidrun@topleadersnow.com 


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